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Chocolate Brownies with Peanut Butter Icing

Chocolate Brownies Recipe

MMMMMMMMMMM! Another sweet treat that I beg ya to find anyone who doesn't love ‘em!
My auntie used to make wonderful homemade Chocolate Brownies, and Blondies too that would knock your socks off. The very thought of eatin’ all those super yummy mouthfuls makes me salivate.
There are lots of variations to Brownie recipes, so if ya want, you can get real creative, but they all start pretty much the same.
I’m hungry, so let’s get right to bakin’ these little beauties!

Chocolate Brownies Preparation:
First butter a 9X13 glass, or metal pan REAL GOOD!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, (DO IT NOW so your oven will be ready when you are.)

An’ make sure your oven racks are IN THE MIDDLE, (Why? Because Brownies aren't too good when they turn out doughy on top, an’ burnt on the bottom, that’s why.)


2 sticks unsalted butter (yes, you can buy unsalted butter at the store.)
8 oz. bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate—cut into 1/4 inch pieces.
(oz. stands for ounces)
4 eggs (whip ‘em in a separate bowl on the side with a fork (yes, by hand.)
1/2 tsp. salt (so why couldn't ya just use SALTED butter in the first place, an’ skip usin’ salt here? Well, duh! That can be done.)
1 cup granulated sugar (of course, that’s white sugar! Ain’t ya got no schoolin’?)
1 cup dark brown sugar (now ya know why they have light & dark brown sugar at the store.)
2 tsp. vanilla
1 cup flour (pre-sift if ya didn't buy it that way already.)
3/4 cup nuts of choice, (optional—which means maybe, or maybe not.)

Now, if ya got one a those glass double boilers, you’re in like Flinn, (yes, I’m half Irish on Mama’s side) but otherwise, get out two saucepans of equal size, an’ start boilin’ water in the bottom one. You can do this with a heatproof bowl on top too.

Anyway, in whatever you are usin’ for a top stirrer-upper, mix your butter an’ chocolate pieces in it ‘til it’s all melted, an’ stir occasionally. (DON’T walk away from it or you'll have a dried out lump a butter an’ chocolate you can throw right in the trash, (I learned that from experience.) When the two are melted together an’ smooth as a baby’s behind, TAKE OFF of bottom pan, (yes, you can turn the burner under the boilin’ water off too….Geeze, ya got no common sense at all? Do some figurin’ for yourself here.)

In a large bowl, mix your eggs, (did you whip those puppies a bit by hand yet?) salt, sugars, an’ vanilla all together.
Then, fold in the chocolate an’ butter mixture with a good stirrin’.
Add nuts (if you've a mind too.)
Then finally, add that 1 cup of pre-sifted flour, an’ stir, an’ stir, an’ stir (by hand, no cheatin’ with an electric mixer) ‘til it’s all blended.

You’re gettin’ there—almost ready!

Pour this yummy mixture of Chocolate Brownie batter into that well greased with butter 9X13 inch pan, (or glass oven-dish) level it off with a spatula, (don’t tell me ya don’t know what a spatula is……well, I’m gonna let ya figure that one out for yourself—I’m not tellin’.)

Bake brownies at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. (Brownies will form a shiny, thin crust on top as they bake so that can fool ya about bein’ done sooner. DON’T rush the process!)

Take ‘em outta the oven, let ‘em cool on a rack—pan an’ all…(yes, with plenty of air underneath too. Duh!)

When they are sufficiently cooled, cut those brownie-beauties into 2 inch squares, an’ eat ‘til you’re half sick. (Oh, my gosh, they’re sooooooo good!)

If there are ANY chocolate brownies left over, you can cover the top of the pan with plastic wrap, or tin foil, an’ store in the refer. (Tomorrow, you can make a pig of yourself again…Ain’t life great?)

There are as many recipe variations to this as fleas on a coonhound, as I told ya right up front.

Here’s just a few other brownie recipe ideas:

1) FLAVORED BROWNIES: Substitute 1 -1/2 tsp. extract or flavoring, (mint, almond, etc.)
2) STIR-INS: Add about 3/4 cup of any of these selections—If ya like chocolate to be double rich, I recommend the chocolate chips, MMMMMMMM! (nuts, butterscotch chips, toffee bits, or chocolate chips)
3) CANDY TOPPING: Just before ya pop the batter in the oven—sprinkle the top with candy coated pieces (M&M’s, candy bars that are broken into pieces, you know, stuff like they put in a Blizzard at McDonald’s!)
4) CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE: Now, you can melt white or dark chocolate pieces (about half a small bag) in a double boiler, or ye ol’ water pan under another pan or heatproof bowl trick again. An’ when the Brownies are completely cooled, drizzle the melted chocolate over the top. (No, I didn't say spread it over the top, I said drizzle. Go back an’ read that line again!)

Recipe makes about 24—2 inch square Chocolate Brownies….YUM!

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Grandma's Cookies and Tea

As I watched the sun sink low in the west, I reminisced about my grandma and how she loved the sunset. She would sit on the swing on the porch, eating one of her famous sugar cookies and sipping her cup of tea. She would watch the big, round, yellow ball kiss the horizon and softly say a prayer thanking God for another beautiful day.

However, during the day she did what she loved best. She would get out her recipe box and go through her cookie recipes to see what she thought would appeal to her loved ones. She knew that my favorite was oatmeal and raisin and my brother’s was brownies with frosting on them. My sister was partial to Grandma’s peanut butter cookies.

She would finally decide on which cookie she was going to bake that day. No matter what Grandma made they were always a hit!!

Oh how I miss my Grandma’s home baking. Grandma left her cooking sheets and cookie recipes for me, but somehow, no matter how hard I try, I can never get mine to taste the same as Grandmas! But I won’t give up because I am sure one day, my granddaughters will reminisce about their Grandma’s cookies and try to get them to taste as good as mine!

Copyright © GigiLane 1-25-11

In case you haven’t heard … gourmet style cookies are to 2013 what cupcakes were for 2011! The cookie's somewhat dull, predictable reputation has undergone a complete makeover from glazed and filled to become the latest trend in the pastry scene. Artisan and “designer” cookies are popping up at local Farmer’s Markets, specialized bakeries and are even being featured on menus in restaurants, as a delightfully delicious dessert.

Peanut Butter Cookies at Deerlake Cookies

Note: For you people whom have never read a recipe before,
(an’ I know you’re out there)
here are what some abbreviations mean.

c.= cup (what else?)
tsp. = teaspoon
Tbsp.= Tablespoon (notice this one is always capitalized)
pwd.= powder
amt.= amount
lt. br. = light brown (as in sugar)
lg. = large (as in eggs)

granulated sugar = white sugar
(you know, the kind ya stir into your coffee each
mornin’ before your eyes will open).

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