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Sugar Cookie Recipes

Christmas Sugar Cookies

(Old Fashions)

Now, here's one that's been around since grandma's were invented—That great ol’ standby, Sugar Cookie. It's a recipe I'm sure to turn to when this Christmas holiday is here again because it is one that rolls out easily to use with cookie cutters to make those lovely shapes you can frost with the kids or grand kids after cooling.

W’y, you can cut out all kinds of shapes for other holidays too, Hearts for Valentine’s Day, pumpkins, ghosts and witches for Halloween, bunnies and egg shapes at Easter time, and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Ya just gotta scout out all those special cutters, but they’re out there…

Did you know these fine Sugar Cookies have been called by several different names? (I've been called a few names myself, if truth be known, but they didn't pertain to cookies.)

These little Darling's have been called—Jumbals, crybabies, plunkets, and gimmels, even gimblettes in France. News to me too! Musta been way back.
If ya wanna know some more history about the Sugar Cookie, as far back as folks can trace, they say it originally was created in the 1700’s in Nazareth territory in the state of Pennsylvania. Folks even called them Nazareth Sugar Cookies back then. These cookies were made with unleavened flour so they were flat an’ crunchy little buggers. They were made the state cookie of Pennsylvania on September 5th, 2001.

The Recipe below is a never fail Sugar Cookie, that will melt in your mouth if ya don't over bake ‘em! Yum!!

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. (200 degrees C. if you’re in a foreign country.)
Now, don't tell me you don’t know what F & C stand for in degrees. Didn't you have any schoolin’? It's Fahrenheit an’ Centigrade. Lordy, I gotta spell everything out for you people. Now stick this info in your little brains, an’ keep it stored for later use, Ok?

Sugar Cookies Recipe Ingredients:

3 cups sifted flour
1 -1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup white sugar (granulated)
1 cup butter
1 egg (lightly beaten in a small bowl with a fork, remember, like I told you in those other recipes?)
3 Tbsp. cream, (not teaspoons) pay attention, an ‘know the difference between tsp. an’ Tbsp.
1 tsp. vanilla

Get out a big bowl, (especially if you’re gonna double the recipe).
Mix all DRY ingredients together—they are flour, baking powder, salt an’ sugar. Ya should know that by now—If it ain't WET, it must be DRY!
Stir it up good.
Then, cut in butter, (not microwave melted, but semi-soft butter).
Blend with a pastry blender, (most country folks don't have such fancy things as PASTRY BLENDERS, so a good sized fork will do.) Press it around ‘til the mixture is crumbly.
Now comes the WET stuff…stir in the egg, cream, an’ vanilla.
Mix it by hand, no cheatin’, dangit!—.Mixers will become one big ball a dough on the end of those beaters if ya try to do this the lazy way.
Ok, now cover the bowl, an’ stick it in the refer for a good hour so it will be easy to roll out.
Cover the surface lightly with flour where you're gonna roll the dough.
Split the dough into two halves if you doubled the recipe…
Roll one half at a time to about 1/4 inch thickness.
Then, START havin’ fun with those cookie cutters!

If you don't plan on frostin’ these Sugar Cookie babies, just cut into round cookies with an upside down drinking glass after you've floured the edge.
Then, sprinkle with granulated, (white sugar for you beginners).

Bake sugar cookies at 400, 6 to 8 minutes, or until lightly brown. DON'T burn ‘em, or they'll taste icky!

When they are baked and cool to the touch, start stirrin’ up this delicious frosting:

Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe:

2 tsps. milk
1 cup powdered sugar,
(confectioners to you ol’ poops who know your way around the kitchen).
2 tsps. light corn syrup
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Mix milk an’ powdered sugar ‘til smooth, then add corn syrup an’ vanilla, mixing again until well blended.

Food coloring of choice—you can divide this frosting mixture into several bowls BEFORE adding different food coloring to each one so you have a variety of colors to spread on those yummy cookies.

If you make these Sugar Cookies a few days early before company arrives for one of those great holidays of fun & food, they freeze with no problem, and thaw quickly.

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Grandma's Cookies and Tea

As I watched the sun sink low in the west, I reminisced about my grandma and how she loved the sunset. She would sit on the swing on the porch, eating one of her famous sugar cookies and sipping her cup of tea. She would watch the big, round, yellow ball kiss the horizon and softly say a prayer thanking God for another beautiful day.

However, during the day she did what she loved best. She would get out her recipe box and go through her cookie recipes to see what she thought would appeal to her loved ones. She knew that my favorite was oatmeal and raisin and my brother’s was brownies with frosting on them. My sister was partial to Grandma’s peanut butter cookies.

She would finally decide on which cookie she was going to bake that day. No matter what Grandma made they were always a hit!!

Oh how I miss my Grandma’s home baking. Grandma left her cooking sheets and cookie recipes for me, but somehow, no matter how hard I try, I can never get mine to taste the same as Grandmas! But I won’t give up because I am sure one day, my granddaughters will reminisce about their Grandma’s cookies and try to get them to taste as good as mine!

Copyright © GigiLane 1-25-11

In case you haven’t heard … gourmet style cookies are to 2013 what cupcakes were for 2011! The cookie's somewhat dull, predictable reputation has undergone a complete makeover from glazed and filled to become the latest trend in the pastry scene. Artisan and “designer” cookies are popping up at local Farmer’s Markets, specialized bakeries and are even being featured on menus in restaurants, as a delightfully delicious dessert.

Peanut Butter Cookies at Deerlake Cookies

Note: For you people whom have never read a recipe before,
(an’ I know you’re out there)
here are what some abbreviations mean.

c.= cup (what else?)
tsp. = teaspoon
Tbsp.= Tablespoon (notice this one is always capitalized)
pwd.= powder
amt.= amount
lt. br. = light brown (as in sugar)
lg. = large (as in eggs)

granulated sugar = white sugar
(you know, the kind ya stir into your coffee each
mornin’ before your eyes will open).

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