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Triple Layer Brownie Recipe

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Viennese Marzipan Stars Cookie Recipe

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Yummy Chocolate Cookies

Grandma's Cookies and Tea

As I watched the sun sink low in the west, I reminisced about my grandma and how she loved the sunset. She would sit on the swing on the porch, eating one of her famous sugar cookies and sipping her cup of tea. She would watch the big, round, yellow ball kiss the horizon and softly say a prayer thanking God for another beautiful day.

However, during the day she did what she loved best. She would get out her recipe box and go through her cookie recipes to see what she thought would appeal to her loved ones. She knew that my favorite was oatmeal and raisin and my brother’s was brownies with frosting on them. My sister was partial to Grandma’s peanut butter cookies.

She would finally decide on which cookie she was going to bake that day. No matter what Grandma made they were always a hit!!

Oh how I miss my Grandma’s home baking. Grandma left her cooking sheets and cookie recipes for me, but somehow, no matter how hard I try, I can never get mine to taste the same as Grandmas! But I won’t give up because I am sure one day, my granddaughters will reminisce about their Grandma’s cookies and try to get them to taste as good as mine!

Copyright © GigiLane 1-25-11

In case you haven’t heard … gourmet style cookies are to 2013 what cupcakes were for 2011! The cookie's somewhat dull, predictable reputation has undergone a complete makeover from glazed and filled to become the latest trend in the pastry scene. Artisan and “designer” cookies are popping up at local Farmer’s Markets, specialized bakeries and are even being featured on menus in restaurants, as a delightfully delicious dessert.

Peanut Butter Cookies at Deerlake Cookies

Note: For you people whom have never read a recipe before,
(an’ I know you’re out there)
here are what some abbreviations mean.

c.= cup (what else?)
tsp. = teaspoon
Tbsp.= Tablespoon (notice this one is always capitalized)
pwd.= powder
amt.= amount
lt. br. = light brown (as in sugar)
lg. = large (as in eggs)

granulated sugar = white sugar
(you know, the kind ya stir into your coffee each
mornin’ before your eyes will open).

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